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Oddles of noodles!

Make them, design them, eat them, be them. The Yokohama Cup Noodles Museum is the home of the cup-noodle lover, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Japan is famous for ramen, be it the hot steaming bowls served in the single-seater restaurants or the DIY cups of goodness bought from the convenience store. Both have their perks, and if you’re a devotee of the latter, then the Yokohama Cup Ramen Museum is a pilgrimage you have to make. While it used to be a simple affair with bright displays, weird videos and the famous Cup Ramen Factory, the museum has upped its game and is now a playground for lovers of the cup noodle. With the flashy displays and a new, slightly less-weird video to start, there’s a range of new added rooms that take this from an entertaining hour to a full afternoon of unbridled joy.

You can make your own signature chicken ramen from scratch, try noodles from around the world in the Noodle Bazaar, children can become a noodle in the play area and you can still make your very own cup noodle to round off the day. Perfect for rainy days in Tokyo or something to entertain the kids (or adults, not going to lie) it’s a reasonable and fun day out, right next to the busy Minato-mirai district of Yokohama.

Now, of course you came here to learn about the history of cup ramen, and there is plenty to be learned! You can start with the history cube - a bright timeline display of the development of instant ramen, from the first package in 1958 to the myriad international options we have today. Aesthetically pleasing and very bright, the room is actually really enjoyable, with strange designs and weird flavors as well as some rather old-fashioned advertising styles.

Often filled with school children, the chicken ramen factory allows you to make your own ramen from scratch, right from the oil and wheat flour to rolling, frying and into a packaged item of chickeny deliciousness. After a lot of instructional videos (English instructions available), you can get your hands dirty as you make noodles in pairs, mixing, stretching, rolling and leaving the dough to settle before a break to design your packet. Soon you’ll go back, roll it some more, cut into noodles and weigh before sending it off to the fryers.

Once fried and placed into your packet (with crunchy left overs to try) you’re given a gift bag with noodles and even allowed to keep your bandanna.

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