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Animal rights group wants special Act passed:

Protest over attack on pet Labrador today

The Labrador named Charlie.
The Labrador named Charlie.

Animal rights group "Save the Paw with Love" will stage a protest in Koppara junction in Negombo over the kerosene attack on a Labrador that lead to its death.

The animal rights group has also offered Rs 150,000 for any individuals who could provide accurate information on the culprits.The suspects had reportedly doused the cage with kerosene oil before setting it on fire. Images of the injured dog were circulated on social media which elicited sympathies from many animal rights groups.

It is also learnt that members of this animal rights group will discuss the matter with Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe on January 5.They will request the Prime Minister to pass a special Act for the protection of animals which will deter individuals from committing such crimes.

It was reported that the neighbours had made several complaints to the police over the loud barking noise and they were not in good terms with the owner of the Labrador or the landlord.

No arrests have been made thus far.The matter is being investigated by the Negombo Police OIC. Those with vital information over the incident are requested to call the OIC on the following numbers 071-8591630 or 031-2222222


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