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Two fined for sending drone in Horton Plains

A doctor and another individual who had taken photographs within the Horton Plains National Park using a drone were arrested and produced before courts.

They had been fined Rs.1500 and Rs. 200 as government charges by the Nuwara Eliya Magistrate Pramod Jayasekara.

The second accused had been ordered to pay Rs. 40,000.The Wildlife rangers had arrested the suspects and produced them in court yesterday.

They were arrested on charges of causing harassment to animals and obstructing duties of the Wildlife officers.

The Magistrate further ordered the drone camera, smart phone and SIM to be confiscated. The duo were arrested by the Horton Plains Sanctuary Caretaker P.M. Pradeep Kumara, his assistant P.P. Dayaratne, Senior Wildlife Officer Panalage, Assistant Area Security Officer Indika Ariyadasa and Supun Premaratne.


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