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A very kind advice to UNP

Many people are happy about the way this government is doing things. They try to maintain law and order, they try to discuss things by friendly discussions and they try to improve the economy and keep under control the debt crisis.

Main fault of the UNP is that they always try to favour their party people. When making important appointments or giving jobs they try to give the first place to their party supporters. This is not correct.

For development we use public funds. It is not correct to use this money to promote their party. When using public funds all citizens should be treated equally.

When using UNP party funds, you can help your party supporters. You can use that money for various propaganda and publicity work. But do not use public funds for this type of party work.

We have seen senior UNP ministers telling that during this one year they are going to do lot of work and also help their party supporters. This is very wrong. They are prime minister and ministers for the whole country. Not only to party supporters.

We hope UNP will try to correct this mistake. Otherwise they will definitely lose the floating votes at future elections.

D. Weeratunga

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