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Hemas Pharmaceuticals Launches Pharmacists Skill Development Program

Hemas Pharmaceuticals (Private) Limited in conjunction with the Pharmaceutical Society of Sri Lanka recently launched its inaugural Pharmacists Skill Development Programme with the objective of gearing pharmacists with the necessary skills, qualifications and training to serve patients better.

“Currently, there are more than 3,700 pharmacists serving patients across the island and it is our intention to upgrade their skills and knowledge of medicines and patient safety to ensure that there are capable professionals behind pharmacy counters,” said Head of Medical Training and Compliance of Hemas Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Krishantha Wirasinghe.

He further said that enhancing the knowledge and skills of practicing pharmacists will increase efficiency, minimise errors in storing and dispensing medicine and improve patient counselling on drugs.

The Pharmacists Skill Development Programme will target existing Pharmacy staffs in order to equip them with a recognized and credible qualification that will help them pursue further accreditations to enhance their careers.

This sustainability initiative by Hemas Pharmaceuticals will also promote patient safety in terms of medicine purchase and usage.

“As the largest pharmaceutical importer and distributor, we are committed to ensuring the safety of patients above all else a necessity that we do not compromise on,” said Managing Director of Hemas Pharmaceuticals, Kasturi Chellaraja Wilson.

She further said that the company is driven to support the education of pharmacists to bolster the industry by upholding value and improving service quality, thereby benefiting the community.

“With qualified and trained professionals serving customers, we can ensure that drugs are stored and dispensed properly to maintain the highest quality when it comes to end use. As pharmacists are the ultimate customer touch point, it is imperative that they are properly educated and kept up to date about new and upcoming drugs information, storage and usage to ensure that patient safety is not compromised,” she added.

Conducted in partnership with the Pharmaceutical Society of Sri Lanka the programme will be conducted at no cost to students who will be trained on standard pharmacy practices and provided with the required knowledge to sit for the Sri Lanka Medical College pharmacy registration exam.

As a partner, Pharmaceutical Society of Sri Lanka will work with Hemas Pharmaceuticals to provide lectures and technical support to ensure the successful execution of the program.

“There is a need in the industry to enhance the skills and knowledge of the staff working in pharmacies. As a professional body we applaud the efforts made by Hemas Pharmaceuticals as this programme will play a vital role in uplifting and strengthening this effort in Sri Lanka,” said President of Pharmaceutical Society of Sri Lanka, Shalutha Athauda.

Hemas Pharmaceuticals is the market leader in pharmaceutical distribution in Sri Lanka operating with reputed multi-national organisations to procure quality medicinal supplies.

The company has successfully conducted its distribution operations for six decades with state-of-the-art facilities, best in class processes, and a passionate and dedicated work force.


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