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[CITIZENS' Mail - (02-01-2019)]

Channel of choice strategy

Artistes are the best performers in the country, sometimes even overriding the politicians. Come the western New Year, the vernacular New Year or whatever the season you name, this clan steals the show. The Sri Lankan viewers are attracted to them profusely. The television channels are quite serious about this so-called showbiz affair. They find it difficult to tread a different path. We have been exposed to this superstar business to a nauseatic effect.

Private media are obsessed with this idea as they have to earn their daily bread. The state-owned media are no exception either. The showbiz showdown is all right for entertainment, but regrettably, it was not exactly the requirement when the nation was on the verge of embracing 2019. The audience was left with a bit of dismay as all private television channels continued with its star-studded shows.

All the same, it was our turn to be surprised as Hiru TV pulled over its mega entertainment show as Sri Lanka entered the 2019 timeline. It telecasted President Maithripala Sirisena’s blissful message to the nation followed by the addresses of a host of mainstream religious clergy.

This we deem as a welcome variant to a stagnating media culture. We fervently believe that the private channel will be able to prolong such work of merit throughout this year.

N. G. Sarathchandra



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