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Fighting for power and wealth

Buddha’s interpretation on King’s Kosol’s 9th dream:

King Kosol of India, during the time of the Buddha, had 16 dreams which were strange and he was eager to find out whether they were good or bad or what they actually meant. The King approached the Buddha for clarification.

As at today, corruption appears to be widespread and as such I quote dream 9 and the Buddha’s prophecy.

The dream

King Kosol dreamt of a big pond. The water in the outer part of the pond was clean, clear and cool, but the water in the middle was cloudy and muddy. Big and small animals fought each other to drink the muddy water but no animal ventured to drink the clean, clear and cool water.

The Buddha’s prophecy

“In the future people will be full of greed and desire. They would crave for more and more money and will never be satisfied. They will not want clean, honest low-paying jobs which will not satisfy their greed. They will want political power and seats in National Assemblies so that they could rule the countries and manage the finances. They would acquire large amounts of money regardless of how dirty the means were. That would occur all over the world. They would be tricky and corrupt with no shame.

It will become more and more severe resulting in disorder. There would be fights over positions in which they could amass wealth. There would be fights over who should get more wealth, who should get less and who should get nothing.”

The Buddha’s 16 prophecies
How apt is the prophecy in today’s context?
Upali S. Jayasekera


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