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Even voters are narrow-minded

Writing a letter to the Citizens Mail one D. Weeratunge from Navinna has said that our politicians are narrow-minded. We must remember that even voters are also narrow-minded.

That is why politicians have been too selfish and fraudulent.

That is why the country is not developed. The problem of the country is because of the fact that voters are narrow-minded they act as politicians wish. They participate in thousands to the rallies of politicians, destroying their money and valuable time which can be used for some fruitful purpose. They also do commit many crimes because of their politicians and politics. They do fight with others who are members of other political parties.

Their behaviour and actions are showing that they are too narrow-minded.

Voters must know what democracy is. But they do not know it. Because of the fact that voters are too ignorant politicians have been able to do as they wish.

Martin Dasanayaka


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