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Non-displaying of assessment numbers

Nearly 45 % of the house owners, whether they are rich or poor, in the Colombo City have not displayed their Assessment Numbers on their doors, gates or the walls.

This has been going on for many years and it is time that they are compelled to display their house numbers.

Because messengers, deliverers and the likes of both the private and public sectors find very difficult to trace addresses when such deliveries are to be made.

Sometimes, postmen serving a particular area too find difficult to trace an address. And when transfers are made the new postmen face more difficulties to make their deliveries.

Taking these into consideration the postal department should compel every owner or occupier of a house to display the number of their premises at least in 2-inch sizes. Now simply requesting them to do so will not bring any result.

The postal department should make an announcement that numberless premises should number them within two weeks.

If failed, delivering of letters would be stopped to such premises until it is attended.

The Post Master General should make necessary arrangements in this regard for the good of his postmen and the public as well.

Nazly Cassim
Colombo 13


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