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[CITIZENS' Mail - (24-12-2018)]

Solve problems through friendly discussions

We can see various disputes between politicians in the government and in the opposition. Sometimes these disputes and differences are very serious. There is hatred and suspicion. This is very bad for the country. People of the country expect the politicians to have friendly discussions and solve their problems.

Any problem can be solved by friendly discussions. The aim of the discussion should be to find a solution to the problem. By friendly discussions we can find a win-win solution to every problem.

When discussing matters it is very important to be friendly. We must listen to others. We must respect others’ ideas. Never lose your temper at a discussion. Do not attack others at a discussion. Always have a smile in your face. Be very kind to others. Never start unnecessary arguments. Be very diplomatic. Do something to create a friendly atmosphere. Serve some tea and short eats. Be very patient. Always try to help others.

Learn about leadership qualities. Learn how to conduct meetings successfully. Try to work like a group. Learn teamwork. Study management techniques. Learn to be kind to others. Be compassionate. Never think you are always correct. Admit your mistakes. Say sorry where necessary. Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. We are very disappointed to see the way senior politicians are fighting and behaving.

As people of this country, we very kindly request the politicians to solve their problems by friendly discussions. If you do that it is good for you as well as for the country. We all must go forward. We should not get stuck having various disputes, suspicions and unnecessary arguments.

Look at the world. See how nicely people solve their problems by friendly discussions. It is not possible to solve problems by fighting and criticizing the other party.

D. Weeratunga



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