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Why don’t we make law simple and clear?

It is now very clear to any citizen of this small island called Sri Lanka that the law of the land should be simple and clear.

Those who have done law and have become attorneys and even President’s Counsels do state diametrically opposing views on the dissolving of Parliament and appointment of the Prime Minister.

Why it is so? It is so because of the fact that the law has been written and published in a style of language which includes so many longer and longer sentences, many different words instead of one simple word, and too many expressions confusing some other expressions in the some context. This is very clear through the different views expressed by different lawyers and many others. The law is like an eel too slippery and big.

Who can avoid laughing at our legal problems? Once our legal problem was to know the date on which the duration of the President was over. Common people all over the world do their works without bothering about so many durations and dates.

Law should be made in shorter sentences with simple and clear in meanings and words.

One subject matter should be only at one place. The details of it should not be unmentioned again and again unnecessarily.

Martin Dasanayaka


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