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UPFA MPs to attend Parliament

UPFA Matara District Parliamentarian Kanchana Wijesekera yesterday said that the group of UPFA Parliamentarians had decided to attend Parliament sessions scheduled to be held on December 18.

Addressing the media yesterday at the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) office in Battaramulla, MP Wijesekera said that the government MPs did not boycott Parliament proceedings and were only protesting against the Speaker who acted in a biased manner in Parliament.

“We considered Parliament to be dissolved. But, as the Supreme Court has now ruled that President Maithripala Sirisena’s decision to dissolve Parliament was unconstitutional, we have to respect that decision,” MP Wijesekera said.

He further said that their struggle was not to get positions or benefits. “If we lose power, we would not hesitate to play our role in the Opposition. Three years ago, we didn’t even have the right to represent both the Government and the Opposition in Parliament.

There was an undemocratic era where 54 MPs didn’t receive our right to sit in the Opposition.

But, the TNA and the JVP remained silent. We hope that the crisis situation which prevailed in the country would be solved within the next few days,” he said.

He further added that Mahinda Rajapaksa was appointed as the Prime Minister with more than 105 seats in Parliament and the TNA and JVP considered it as a minority government. But, without the TNA MPs, the UNP has only 103 seats. So the TNA should decide whether they represent the Opposition or the Government.

If the TNA sits on the government side, Ranil Wickremesinghe will have 117 seats and can form a government.

Hambantota District MP D.V.Chanaka said that the UNP MPs and supporters have already realised that the UNP would not be able to win any future election.

“As a result, they are always attempting to postpone elections. Due to the Bond issue, the selling of national resources and the heavy tax burden imposed on the people, they do not want go for any election,” Chanaka said.

He further said that Mahinda Rajapaksa accepted the PM’s post in order to protect country’s national resources, the Constitution and provide relief to the people.

“Within a very short period of one and half months, we could be able to achieve various victories including the reduction of tax burden,reduce fertilizer and fuel prices,” he said.

“Though the JVP claims that they supported Maithripala Sirisena to become the President it is clear that they only supported Ranil Wickremesinghe to become the Prime Minister. Everything the JVP does now is to safeguard Ranil Wickremesinghe. The JVP never raised their voice when the country’s assets were being sold,” MP Chanaka said.

“TNA MP Sumanthiran says that there is no agreement with the UNP. At the same time TNA MP Dharmalingam Siddharthan says that the UNP has given a written agreement to abolish the Prevention of Terrorism Act, to release imprisoned ex-LTTE cadres, to release lands used by the Security Forces and for a Federal Constitution,” he said. 

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