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Protecting your line, unbeaten teams and solid basics so far...

The 2018 seasons break looms large, with the 4 top contenders neatly drifting comfortably from the rest ...

Sri Lanka’s elite but defined club structure, need to reinforce the premier league’s reputation for fair play...justice and technology. The countries rugby faithful depend entirely on this surviving system to guarantee results every weekend.

The frequency of fair play and justice mentioned by the faithful , scrutinised and criticized by the public are handled entirely by the guardians who are the technical committees that marshal the game The IRB rule book stands alone as a definitive guide to the games progress ...the laws are fixed right across the board.

Interpretation by the referees and technical officials form the fine line between fair play and natural justice.

Sri Lanka to all intents and purposes are one of the few rugby unions in the world , and that somehow gives more publicity to the referee in charge as much as the players and team this a reflection therefore of the players , the game and The dictates of the rulebook .

Referees control the game and the players provide 80 mins of intense skill and passion delivered under pressure to raucous support by the diehard fans .

With the availability of t.v. replay on big screens should be a standardised reality of every ground .the intensity in the middle is relentless and unforgiving with little or no room for error or mistakes naturally the ideal and reality carefully separate in the middle for the duration of the two teams confronting each other.

Our world entirely evolved around these facilities and technical conditions followed consistently all the way through.

Interpretation by the referee, the coach and ultimately the players are the qualities that govern a decent match delivery in the middle .

Players skill levels, instinct And competence on show for the hundred or so minutes that constitute game time.

Our resident experts and social media pundits who’ll be licking there lips in anticipation of sharing there “well read” knowledge on team quality , player form and general skill level much looked forward to

These experts not only drive the game in social media circles but are also part of rugby’s wider circle at various levels.

Assuredly 95% of our experts on Facebook etc are probably played less but talk more of the game in tense appeal.

As the Dialog league hots up only Kandy and Havelocks are unbeaten so far. Defending champions Kandy, the Lions have struck form right from the start of round one, sustaining their team performance and it’s remarkable consistency. Coach Wijesinghe and captain Richy having the luxury of a real balanced squad and plenty of depth to cheer loudly from the cauldron in Nittawella. Kandy’s die hard and fanatical support contribute hugely to the teams performances at home.

There is however a variable when they play away from home which might will affect there unbeaten status this season. Playing CR at Longdon Place, Navy at Welisara camp, CH at Racecourse and Havelocks at the park under lights ....will test them on their away game mentality to the hilt.

I still believe from the comfy Heights of my deck chair , that Kandy will be under pressure , when they play these 4 teams at sea level oxygen in round 2.

Kandy carry Ratwatte, Nigel, Danushka Ranjan, Wiliweera, former captain Roshan Weeraratne and his brother Gayan hose vast experience adds plenty to their running backs in their boiler house Heshan Kalhara, hit man Sohiru Anthony, all purpose number 8 form a formidable power house for the champions.

Their schoolboy recruits blending in well with no dip in performance stats.

Heart warming to see young Dangae, Jamaldeen and the consistent form of fullback Thilina ...these factors combined quite neatly...make Kandy the team to beat yet again. For Havelocks and coach Martis Lakala and his staff...the challenge to meet Kandy head on looms large.

Kandy and Havelocks have the best chance at the league title on current form. The reliable Riza Mubarak has been in fine kicking form from the start of the season.

Havelocks will need plenty of guts, courage, skill and fire power up front to combat Kandy for the league title...the big “if” remains to be seen when both teams meet in Colombo and Kandy ....

For Navy and CH variable mountains to scale before they confront the champions in round 2 ..both coaches Ronny and Jayathilake questions about the quality of their players remain unanswered and can only be resolved in the middle

CH despite big names ....the ability to finish strong has been their excess baggage without allowance. Which needs them to rethink their strategy thinking under pressure and how to protect their lead in the last quarter of the game ..very little doubt that skipper, Yoshita number 10 fly half Sam Maduwantha, Naveen Heenakan, Hirantha Perera the Lee brothers, Nishon and Herath...are solid backs. But with no good ball or lacking confidence to finish has cost them dearly in the last quarter of the game hope fully skipper will inspire prop Henry and the likes of Sathiya Ranatunga, with the superbly balanced Muthu to sort things out in the loose.

Fundamental that ruck and maul ball is secured mud field for CH to strike home the big W’s.

At CR and FC captain Kavindu, Parindu Ratwatte, Dickson and Rahul de Silva give CR plenty to look forward to ..

The season so far with the exception of Army beating CH and Police upsetting Havelocks ...everything else had gone according to form ...

Pure magic this season lies ahead and will be centred around unbeaten Havelocks and Kandy specifically pursued with the sole intention of out playing them will be CR, Navy and CH. Everything boils down to performance, work rate, stats, winning their own ball and consistent defence in the middle most importantly it’s the injuries to key player factor that will dictate and decide the results of these much anticipated traditional grudge battles.

The fans are back, the game is thriving and the big office of rugby needs to innovate change and investment into the games’ elite stakeholders...that will secure the balance for the future of this great code.

The game needs believers, heart and vision.

Bula bula Sri Lanka’s future.



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