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5.9 million, 2 satellite phones found in trawler owner's home

Police had found Rs. 5.9 million in cash and two satellite phones when the Narcotics officers had searched the residence of the owner of the trawler who was arrested in connection with the detection of 231 kg and 54 grams of heroin in Beruwela. The haul of heroin was seized on December 05 and two suspects who were in the trawler were arrested and they were produced in court yesterday and ordered to be remanded until December 20.
The trawler owner 44-year-old Dinayadura Dulip Samantha de Silva was arrested and held on detention orders. The narcotics sleuths had conducted a search operation of his residence at No. 295/3, Godella, Moragalla, Beruwala yesterday and during the search operation, the cash and satellite phones were found.  
The second largest stash of heroin detected so far, it was valued at over Rs. 2778 million was seized at the Beruwela-Balapitiya beach December 5th  night. Police Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekara said this stock of heroin was seized while it was being brought to the country by boat three nautical miles off the Beruwela-Balapitiya coast.
The two arrested suspects are 38-year-old Dineyadura Dilip Susantha a resident of Halawagoda road, Godella, Beruwela and 34-year-old Mohommed Rizwi Mohommed Farzan a resident of Maradana Road, Beruwela.


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