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IGP will be summoned before Parliament - UNP MP Prof. Ashu

UNP Parliamentarian Professor Ashu Marasinghe yesterday said that IGP Pujitha Jayasundera will be summoned before Parliament to question his actions.

Speaking at a press conference at Temple Trees yesterday Prof Marasinghe while stressing that the IGP has no legal immunity, said that they are ready to teach him how to discharge his duties in compliance with the law of the country in parliament .

“We know whom he goes to meet every morning. The infamous Kurunegala district Parliamentarian has given him false promise that an opportunity would be afforded to him to contest the next Parliamentary election from the Kurunegala district. “It is because of this reason, that he is acting in a manner disregarding the law of the country,” he said.

Marasinghe gave a two day ultimatum to the authorities to solve this issue.

“We will give two days to the authorities to solve present political impasse by appointing the Parliamentarian who has won the confidence of majority of Parliamentarians as Prime Minister,said Prof.Marasinghe.

“We would start a continuous people’s struggle for democracy and good governance if the authorities do not honour the decision of the Legislature ,after two days,” he said

He said that the people are ready solve this issue by going on on to the streets, if it cannot be solved by the authorities.

He added that the country’s economy has suffered a staggering loss of Rs.200 billion due the ongoing political impasse.

He said that serious effort has to be taken to revamp the economic damage.

“It is very difficult to restore the image of the country,” he added.


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