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No hate speech made against anyone - Ratnapriya

Trade Union Leader Saman Ratnapriya condemning misinterpretations into his recent controversial statement on the President’s conduct said that it was not an intended hate speech.

He stated this at a press conference organized by the Trade Union Unity for Democracy at Rajagiriya yesterday.

Ratnapriya said, although some organizations supporting President Sirisena had lodged a complaint against that statement, he had not received any notice or information from any legal institution regarding that complaint so far.

He said he had acted within the democratic framework and did not utter words pushing masses into acting in hatred. “Doing anything within the democratic framework is one of our rights,” he emphasised.

He also said that his statement which made last week extracted some examples from the international arena just to explain the fate of autocratic rulers as he had the freedom of expression in a democratic society.

Referring to some media reports relating to his foreign tours made during the past three and a half years, Ratnapriya also confirmed that all the foreign tours he had participated during that period were official as a Trade Union Leader and none of them was illegal.

United National Party’s key trade union, Jathika Sevaka Sangamaya (JSS), Vice Chairman Sunil De Silva also condemned taking legal action against his fellow TU leader stressing that as Trade Union leaders, they have the right to fight against injustice.

He said it is also their duty to apprise public of the inappropriate deeds of leaders in the country.

The Vice Chairman invited the working community to join them for a vibrant protest campaign to be held at the Galle Face Green on December 17 to protect democracy and the countrys Constitution.


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