President postpones Singapore FTA discussion dates, amendments | Daily News

President postpones Singapore FTA discussion dates, amendments

President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday, directed the Government to postpone the dates of the discussions leading to the implementation and the amendments to the Singapore - Sri Lanka FTA, MP Bandula Gunawardena told the Daily News yesterday.

This is a sequel to the Report on the Singapore - Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement being handed over to President Sirisena on Tuesday by a team of Economists and experts of technocrats who were appointed to a Presidential Commission headed by former Colombo University Vice Chancellor and Economics Chair Prof. W.D.Lakshman.

The President was also requested by the Government Parliament Group to give them more time to study the report, its recommendations and amendments.

There have been a large number of drawbacks and impediments along with some legal flaws and President Sirisena has asked for a postponement in the dates for the discussions as well.

The conditions of the Agreement are such that the amendments have to be made within a year of the signing of the Free Trade Agreement and that was why there was a request for the extension of time, these sources said.


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