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Eighty SAITM students not qualified to register with SLMC - GMOA

The Government Medical Officers’ Association yesterday said that about 80 South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM) students seemed to have not obtained minimum qualifications to register with the Sri Lanka Medical Council(SLMC).

“About 80 SAITM students who say that they have completed their study course, have shown reluctance to register with the SLMC by submitting applications,” GMOA Editor Dr. Nalinda Herath said. “The SAITM degree is not recognised by any Medical Council in the world.

These students have failed to submit their applications to the SLMC,” he said

“We believe that they do not have the required minimum qualification, that’s why they are showing reluctance to register with the SLMC,” Dr.Herath said.

“One student of their batch filed a petition before the Court of Appeal seeking an order enabling her to register with the Sri Lanka Medical Council. The Court directed the SLMC to register the student in question

after the respondent Health Ministry and Education and Higher Education Ministry made submissions in support of the student in question.

An appeal was later filed against the order before the Supreme Court by the Sri Lanka Medical Council too. The Supreme court also upheld the verdict of the Appeal Court.

The court has ordered an compensation of Rs.100,000 to the student and the SLMC paid the compensation to her.

Speaking at a press conference in Colombo, Dr.Herath said the Sri Lanka Medical Council is still not in a position to register her as she has not still submitted an application to the SLMC. He queried as to whether this student does not have minimum qualifications at the GCE Advanced Level.

“We suspect that this student in question does not have minimum qualification and this may be the reason for showing reluctance to submit an application to the SLMC,” he said.

He added that the Sri Lanka Medical Association is not in a position to register her unless she submits an application with all details of her qualifications.

“This student has again filed contempt of court charges against the Sri Lanka Medical Council citing that SLMC has failed to execute the court order. GMOA officials recently called on former President Mahinda Rajapaksa who was of the view that this issue should be solved after having discussions with this group of students and their parents.

The Former President opined that this issue can be solved by offering KDU degree to them after following proper procedure.

He said this no solution has been received to this issue due to the fluctuations taking place in the political arena.

He added that many issues with regard to the SAITM have been solved.

This institute was abolished through the General Sir John Kotelawala Defence Academy Act and those who were still studying at the SAITM have been attached to the KDU to complete their degree program

There several issues which should be addressed by the KDU management and the Higher Education Ministry. 


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