Kurunegala Sangamiththa perahera on Dec. 10 | Daily News

Kurunegala Sangamiththa perahera on Dec. 10

The annual Sri Sangamiththa Rahath Therani Procession and pinkama organised by the Kurunegala Young Buddhist Association will be held on December 10.

The pinkama to mark the arrival of Ven Sangamiththa Therani on Unduwap Poya Day during the reign of King Devanampiya Tissa will be held along with 100 sil mathas.

The Procession carrying a statue of Arahath Sangamiththa Therani will commence from the Meditation Centre near the Kachcheriya and proceed to Kurunegala and reach the YMBA.

A special Damma Desana and alms giving will be held.


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