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Money can be allocated through vote on account – Bandula

Financial management of the country is not an issue since the Constitution has provisions to allocate money through a vote on account, Parliamentarian Bandula Gunawardena said.

He was addressing the media along with Parliamentarians Laksman Yapa Abeywardena and Anura Priyadarshana Yapa yesterday in Colombo.

Gunawardena said that there are provisions with the President to allocate money when Parliament is dissolved. If Parliament continues, money can be allocated through a vote on account for three months, he said.

He said the UNP parliamentarians are circulating rumours that salaries of State servants cannot be paid from January. They say loan instalments, Samurdhi benefits, pensions and other welfare payments cannot be paid as the government has no rights to allocate funds. Gunawardena said there is no truth in that since the funds can be allocated by a vote on account for three months.

“According to State monetary regulations, there is no issue until December 31,” he said.

He said that even if a new government is elected, the President has powers to allocate money for three months until a budget is presented. The President also has powers to allocate money even to hold an election.

The new government was about to present a vote on account of Rs 1,735 and the proposal received Cabinet approval.

Everyone should support to pass the bill of a vote on account in Parliament if it is presented. Those who don’t support to pass it, can go to their seats and face people, he said.

“UNP is threatening State servants when carrying out their duty. They cannot threaten State servants,” he said.

Parliamentarian Anura Priayadarshana Yapa said State servants should not be afraid of carrying out their services or making necessary payments within the provisions of government regulations.

He said the 19th amendment has created a severe mess.

“The UNP wanted to transfer powers of the Executive President to the Prime Minister through the backdoor implementing the 19th amendment.

Instead of strengthening the Prime Minister, the powers of Parliament were reduced with the 19th amendment,” he said.

Measures will be taken to revise the 19th amendment, he said.

Parliamentarian Laksman Yapa said State servants are duty bound to carry out State policies and regulations.



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