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Jeewaka Herbal Products moves to new home

Jeewaka Herbal Products (Pvt) Ltd which has won the trust of people for decades by manufacturing and distributing Jeewaka Ayurweda medicines to the market has moved its production facility and head office to a more spacious location. “he new facility which comprises modern machinery and facilities is located at Koskadawela Yakkala. Jeewaka Aurweda medicine can now be purchased from any location island wide. Furthermore, we also receive huge orders from overseas. We understand that by increasing the production parallel to the increase of demand, we will be able to redress the suffering of people from various diseases.

This is the reason why we moved our production facility to a place with more facilities and which is easily accessible to the public. With these facilities we hope to introduce a new range of medicines which is not available in the market so far,” said Jeewaka Herbal Products Chairman and Managing Director, Ayurweda Doctor Samantha Chandrapriya.

The Jeewaka Watha Pathtuwa, Jeewaka Watha Thailaya and Jeewaka Wathalepaya are some of the main products introduced by Jeewaka Herbal Products which has won the trust of the public as medicines that give full cure to join related ailments.

Ayurveda Doctor Samantha Chandrapriya uses these ancient medical formulas he obtained from his father to produce these medicines under the trade name Jeewaka Herbal Products to provide the meditational marvel to the current generation.


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