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McDonald opens new restaurant in Bambalapitiya

Hot on the heels of celebrating their 20th anniversary in Sri Lanka, McDonald’s, a popular international fast food chain, opened their new restaurant in Bambalapitiya on November 30, 2018.

Located along R.A. De Mel Mawatha (Duplication Road), McDonald’s Bambalapitiya combines the motifs of restaurants past with the most advanced technologies of today to deliver a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

The vibrant colour palette of pastel yellows and off-whites runs through the restaurant’s two floors, while white tiled walls embossed with black block letters recall the classic designs of McDonald’s restaurants in the 1960’s.

This acts as a vivid contrast to the touch self-ordering kiosks predominantly displayed on the first floor of the restaurant, which provide enhanced convenience to consumers. Allowing consumers to browse through the menu, select their favourite meal, and choose a convenient payment method, the kiosks take the guess-work out of ordering and make the experience at the restaurant even more relaxing and hassle-free.

The customers, after ordering through the kiosks, can simply take their receipt to the cashier to process the payment (if made in cash), and collect their meal. The customers will also have the opportunity to pay for their orders via debit card or credit card at the kiosks themselves, which are the first of their kind in Sri Lanka.

Another striking aspect of the restaurant is the new and improved Drive-Thru, which lets customers pick up a delicious McDonald’s meal on their way home. The restaurant features a drive-through windowwhere customers can easily receive their orders and interact with McDonald’s staff, without having to get out of the car.

Further, McDonald’s Bambalapitiya is the ideal restaurant for family get-togethers and a rendezvous with friends. The scrumptious Happy Meals and a spacious play-area also make the restaurant a fun and exciting trip for kids. Additionally, our quick and efficient customer service gives diners more time to create new memories with their friends and family, and less to worry about receiving their meals. So head over to McDonald’s Bambalapitiya at McLeod Road Colombo-04 and enjoy our highly affordable and immensely delectable food that will make you say, “I’m Lovin’ It.” The McDelivery has also now expanded their coverage to the regions of Wellawatte, Pamankada and Dehiwala.


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