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Son axed father to death

A son who had reportedly axed his own father to his death, was nabbed by a team of police officers attached to the Dodangoda Police Station yesterday.
According to the police media spokesperson's office, the incident occurred over a dispute between the son and the father yesterday morning in a house in Bombuwala, Gulugahagoda area in Dodangoda police division. 
The victimized father was identified as "Thotage Jayaratne" a 49-year-old , and a permanent resident in the address of Guluhahagoda, Bombuwala, Dodangoda.
The son of the deceased has surrendered to the police following the incident, according to Dodangoda Police.
The Magistrate’s inquest on the murder is scheduled to be conducted today.
Officers of Deniyaya and Dodangoda Police are conducting further investigations regarding the incident.


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