Conflict claims 272 elephants this year | Daily News

Conflict claims 272 elephants this year

About 272 wild elephants have died in Sri Lanka during the past 11 months. Moreover, about 88 persons have died due to the human-elephant conflict during this period as well.

Two hundred and fifty-six wild elephants and 87 humans had been casualties of the human-elephant conflict in the country last year.

About 54 elephants had been killed by hakkapatas this year, while 39 had been shot and 31 electrocuted. Furthermore, 15 elephants had been mowed down by trains. “These figures have been confirmed by the latest records of the Wildlife Conservation Department, and the government has taken steps to protect the country’s wild elephant population,” Kurunegala Divisional Secretary W.E. Jayathilake told the Daily News yesterday.


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