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Convent of Our Lady of Victories, Moratuwa

The world beyond the portals

Head Prefect of Convent of Our Lady of Victories, Moratuwa Dianne Fernando is filled by the spirit and empowered by the Spirit. Perfect Prefects features Fernando a leader of deep conviction and piety.

Fernando is devoutly religious and does not hesitate to say that God and Mother Mary are her role models in life. Mary, the virgin is known as a holy woman who conceived Jesus through the Holy Spirit. For Fernando, god is her everything and asserted that Mary led a perfect life.

Strong belief

“I love my God and he is always listening. Prayer life is so important to me. My religion is a special part of my life. I believe for there to be justice people need to speak out and I want to do this by being a lawyer. I feel that in this world children are precious and abortion is unethical. I also want to open an orphanage one day for those children who don’t have parental care. I want to help them build their lives and also their spiritual life. I think they also need to build up their personality which can be helpful,” explained Fernando.

She pointed out one factor behind most of the problems in society is that the victim or even the perpetrators have not received love in their life. She stressed the importance to help others because Death is not the end. There is a heaven. Fernando also stressed that at all times do meritorious deeds, be kind to others and have compassion. Sometimes people may not ask for our help even though they need it. They do not show it.

She also noted that there are many prostitutes in Colombo and that she is chagrined by the fact that very little is done about this. She also noted that poverty is the problem here because these women need to support themselves and maybe their children. Fernando wants to help them as well because she believes in spirituality which is important.

‘Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many’ - Matthew 20:28

Working on solutions

“I want to be of service to others and work for those who have been neglected by society. We need to work together to find solutions to problems and I would like to help to improve the lives of all citizens. The problem is that most people have their own agendas. Good people need to come forward. My main ambition is to serve others. I am very concerned about human rights and I would like to ask why? Why is their war and why do people need to kill each other? Is it correct?” pointed out Fernando.

Fernando points out that one crucial aspect of education is the ability to perform. One is required to perform in the classroom and at exams. One is required to perform in the arena of sports. One is required to joins clubs. And one is required to perform in the biggest arena of them all – the world beyond the portals of one’s school.

“I feel a proper education allows the child to interact with others. One needs to be able to get along with others. One needs to be able to cultivate fruitful and positive relationships with others. This is also a branch of knowledge and experience that will help you in life. This will help you grow in confidence, even aid you in public speaking and present yourself before others,” said Fernando.

Obscure paths

Fernando commented that when you are young, your plans may keep on changing. When you are young your path in life may be a little obscure. That is normal. Even many young adults still have no idea as to where their destiny lies. But with the passing of time, one arrives at an understanding of what to do.

Fernando initially was overwhelmed when she was told that she would be appointed Head Prefect. It was such a huge appointment with so much responsibility. The first thing she did was pray and through prayer, she was made to believe that becoming Head Girl was what God wanted from her. She was made to believe that it would be a positive influence on her and that she would receive something special.

Fernando pointed out that it is particularly saddening, the choices people make in their lives. You need to understand that there are consequences to your behaviour. In certain cases, a child is conceived in a moment of passion which may lead to abortion. This is the fault of the parents. Even when it comes to prostitution, education can help these women to be independent and have a better life by earning money.

Unused talent

“This is why education in life is so important. My school is an old one that offers an excellent education to many young girls. My school is very concerned about the spiritual life of the girls. It focuses a lot on spirituality. The sisters are always there for us to guide us along the correct path. Our teachers are very learned and show us a lot of consideration. They also teach us how to form relationships with others because this world that we live in is very corrupted. They give us the necessary protection we need. I am so proud to be a part of this school. You are a unique human being. And I believe anyone can have a special vision. We also have a special subject at school that teaches us about issues in life. Our school provides us with this facility. This facility needs to be available in all schools in Sri Lanka,” said Fernando.

Fernando pointed out that there is a beautiful quotation in a book she read - “The world is full of unused talents and latent abilities. The reason these talents lie buried is that the individual hasn’t the courage to dig them up and use them.”

“Dig yourselves and pave your path for success. If we commit ourselves and have an ambition or vision, we can totally change this world. So as the future generation I invite all of you to stand up, to fight for your dreams and to embrace them. Mother Teresa too is an individual who led an exemplary life. Knowing your rights are important because your rights are so precious,” said Fernando.

Her message to young people is a powerful one. She says that one should not be afraid to take up the mantle of prefect-ship. She points out that becoming a prefect is something that is valuable. It is a good thing. She invites all her sisters and brothers to take up the challenge. Your advanced levels and ordinary levels are also important, so study diligently.

She is a chorister, writer and also a poet and plays the Piano. She also likes to one day publish her poems and her short stories. 


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