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Why politicians fail

Most of our politicians are failures. Very few are successful.

When we look at other countries of the world, there are many successful politicians. Unfortunately, we have very few successful politicians.

Politicians should have the necessary management skills as well as the necessary management qualities.

Politicians should also have the necessary leadership skills as well as the leadership qualities.

Politicians should have the following management skills.

Ability to communicate, ability to deal with change, managing discipline and dealing with conflict, time management skills, problem solving skills, conflict management, decision making skills, plan, delegate, motivate, organise, human relation skills. Politicians should have following management qualities. Cultural affinity, positive attitude, prioritization, warmth and competence, empathy, accountability, honesty, patience. Politicians should have the following leadership skills.

Communication, awareness, honesty/integrity, relationship building, innovation, respect others, establish trust, be humble and admit mistakes, consistency, receiving feedback, deep thirst for knowledge.

Politicians should have following leadership qualities. Clarity, decisiveness, courage, passion and commitment, humility, innovation, loyalty, creativity. People who want to be politicians should try to develop these skills and qualities.

D. Weeratunga


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