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Infectious rhythms

“Music is Cathartic to me. It is my drug of choice. It alleviates stress and helps me decompress,” said Part Musician Part Businessman, Vidhu Jayawardene. Melodies feature this young man who is using this excellent, powerful and infectious drug to spread inspiration and positivity throughout society.

Catharsis is generally understood as the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions. One is also made to understand that creative and intense individuals throughout the world need this process of release because they have so much energy and intensity of emotions within them. Music is the ultimate release. Music can be destructive and positive depending on who is singing it. Musicians and writers generally have a lot of soul. They are the two most similar types of people in this world.

Jayawardene is a man who has experienced ‘no’ in life. But for him ‘no’ means – next opportunity. He says one of the most significant milestones in his life is getting kicked out of the Preliminary Round in TNL Onstage 2007. But this made him more determined and took him to the next stage of his life.

“I compose and produce music while running “Ripples” a Digital and Social Media Marketing Agency. Getting kicked out of the Preliminary Round in TNL Onstage 2007 and becoming Music Consultant for TNL onstage in 2009 was one important event. The others were ranking 43rd at the Global Rockstar Competition 2014, performing at the Hard Rock Café Pune at the RollingStone Magazine Awards 2010 and collaborating with talented international artists,” said Jayawardene.

Jayawardene states that finding the right instruments, melodies and mixing to bring out the essence of that particular song/emotion are some of the things that make him passionate about music.

“I have done two tours in India and Dubai and the most memorable one was India – The Rollingstone Magazine Awards Tour 2010 and it is great to know that our neighbors who are Indian were big fans of the music and the response was really great. Some of the most outstanding and memorable memories I have, are of my band ‘Breathspace’ where we put out six singles and two covers. I myself have put out four singles. Special to me is ‘Save Me’. I had recorded 42 different versions of this song before finally arriving at the right one. Another memorable one was my cover of Ex Alien. I wanted people to think about what the original artist was trying to convey through her music and not slander a teenage girl for her attempt,” explained Jayawardene.

Jayawardene says his choice of music is rock which is modern alternative. He does quite a few cover versions and it is no artist in particular that he is into, just anything that inspires him. He is currently in the process of releasing a few covers over the next few weeks.

“From the artistes I admire locally and internationally, internationally would be Katatonia, Breaking Benjamin, Tool, Revis and the Cranberries. I like them because they stay true to themselves and their music is just an extension of who they are. I strongly feel that to succeed in music you need to be someone that believes you need to be a student always, because life is a continuous learning process. My message to anyone who wants to be a full time musician is find a mentor, establish clear goals and invest in yourself,” pointed out Jayawardene.

Jayawardene has many people he would like to thank in life. First and foremost is his family. Then there is Menik Neydorff for teaching him how to play the guitar. And last but not least his fans and friends. And there is also Breathspace, his first band before he flew solo. When it comes to inspiration his greatest inspiration is the Truth. Rational and emotional truths. That is where he gets his inspiration to write lyrics.

“I have released 4 singles so far – ‘Save me’, ‘Miles Away’ (feat. Sheam Deen), ‘CPR’ and ‘I am your freedom’ (feat. Lucrezia Losurdo). I have not put out any albums, only studio singles. The Indian tour was with the band. I also did a private gig in Dubai. Each song of mine has its own essence that meant something to me. In terms of production composition I would say CPR was one such song because of the right blend of vocals, guitars and soundscapes,” added Jayawardene.



* Getting kicked out of the Preliminary Round in TNL Onstage 2007 and becoming Music Consultant for TNL onstage in 2009

* Ranking 43rd at the Global Rockstar Competition 2014

* Performing at the Hard Rock Café Pune at the RollingStone Magazine Awards 2010

* Collaborating with talented international artists



* Breathspace was founded somewhere in 2003.

* Founding members :Sarani Perera (lead guitars)

CC (lead vocals), Harshan Gallage (session drummer), Nuvina Padukkavidana (Rhythm Guitars)

Uvindu Perera (Bass) and Vidhu - (Backup vocals and lead guitar)

* They were a studio band and did only a handful of live gigs. The experience was great as they came together to make music.

* The band went through transitions over the years and the final line up that toured India was: Vidhu - (Lead vocals and rhythm), Sheaam Deen - bass and backup vocals, Darren Johnson – drums and Asitha Jayawardena (guitar)

* They only released studio singles

* The band is currently disbanded due to personal commitments and educational pursuits although to this day they remain good friends.

* You can find out a bit more details about the band on Facebook, YouTube or Google. Just search Breathspace


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