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Where have all the LSSPers gone?

The cradle of Sri Lanka’s Left movement was unquestionably adorned by sacrifice, dedication, perseverance, endurance, resilience and far-sightedness of the pioneering spirit of LSSP and Sri Lanka Communist Party. The left wing politics and the trade union activities are prominent in body politics in Sri Lanka. Yet, their voice is not heard any more in our vibrant democracy today, but their offshoots seem to have stolen the show to the hilt. It’s a tragedy.

As the offspring of red politics in Sri Lanka we lament the void the present leaders have created putting all of us in the lurch. The strategies of these parties never seem to have ignited a fruitful fusion in the tapestry of politics due to many a reason as most of the so called leaders did not feel the pulse of the underdog, the lowest strata of the society whom the very segment they boasted of representing.

In this backdrop Bala Tampoe, the veteran trade union leader in the mercantile sector and Rohana Wijeweera who wanted to see a difference in this journey of body politics were able to inscribe their names in our proletariat history indelibly due to inherent defects of outdated strategies of the Samasamajists. My concern here is the late Neal De Alvis who represented the Baddegama constituency in the Sri Lankan parliament. His honesty, impartiality, political view, dedication to the workers’ rights, to cap them all his willingness to improve his seat within the parameters he had to work galvanized us to his election propaganda.

In my opinion, the present leaders ought to take a leaf from the services rendered by Messrs Bernard Soyza, Dorrick De Souza, N.M., Colvin, Vivien Leslie duo, Cholmondoly, Neal De Alwis… the list would go long and would need much space.

Wake from the slumber, please and join the bandwagon of constitutional pundits to enlighten the masses.

Piyadasa Rillagoda


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