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No Speaker has ever challenged the Executive - Weerawansa

Since the Executive Presidency was established through the 1978 Constitution, no Speaker has ever taken it upon himself that he is the legislative authority and locked horns with the Executive, Minister Wimal Weerawansa, said.

He was addressing a media briefing in Parliament yesterday.

“None of the previous Speakers arbitrarily challenged the decisions of the Executive and they never tried to show that they had the same powers as of the Executive, as current Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has done,” Weerawansa said. “Every former Speaker has acted by understanding their responsibilities and the powers vested with the Executive President appointed by the people’s mandate.

 However, the current Speaker had taken on some unforeseen power upon himself and has been trying to create a conflict with the executive from the start of this issue.

President Maithripala Sirisena used his powers to appoint a new Prime Minister and Cabinet after the UPFA left the Unity Government and it ceased to exist,” he said. “This means that the post of Prime Minister too failed to exist. However, the Speaker has no right to challenge this decision taken by the President. The Constitution does not provide such powers to the Speaker. However, this Speaker, from the start opposed and challenged the President’s decisions. He has become an ally of the TNA, JVP and UNP and is now challenging the President creating a clash between the Executive and the Legislative, laying a red carpet for external forces to interfere in Sri Lanka’s domestic affairs. He has met with several foreign diplomats who had acted against the country during the war,” Weerawansa noted.

Minister Weerawansa charged that the Ranil, Anura, Sumanthiran clan is trying to create a volatile situation in the country to pave the way for these foreign forces to interfere.

“When we met at 8.30 last morning, we tried to resolve this matter amicably, but the Speaker was adamant and refused to accept any suggestion except that of the Ranil, Sumantiran, Anura clan. That is why we left the Chamber without being part of that sinister move. If Karu Jayasuriya does not accept the Prime Minister and Cabinet of Ministers appointed by the President, then we will also not accept him as the Speaker. We are of the stand that his actions are illegal and unconstitutional and we walked out in protest against his actions. Under any circumstance, we will not change our stance if the Speaker remains adamant in his stand.”

He said that the Speaker and UNF clan is trying to engage them in Parliament and create a clash. Therefore, he noted that the UPFA had taken the decision to walk out without being dragged into such a clash.

Leader of the House Dinesh Gunawardena explained the stand of the government and the UPFA walked out of the Chamber.


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