Opposition’s attempts Futile


say Diplomatic missions

No discussions were held at international level to impose economic or political sanctions against the Sri Lankan Government nor was there any travel ban imposed on President Maithripala Sirisena, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa or Government Ministers, Diplomatic sources said.

Diplomatic sources disclosed this in response to our inquiries about the false news of the imposition of economic sanctions or a travel ban, spread by the Opposition, taking advantage of the present political impasse in the country over the past few days.

“However, the Opposition has continously requested Diplomatic circles to impose economic sanctions that would have an impact on the country’s economy,” sources said.

Diplomatic sources held the view that economic and political sanctions or a travel ban may be imposed on countries if sufficient evidence is found against any country in question to have committed crimes which violate the country’s criminal law, or the questionable behaviour of such countries within the ambit of global political arena.

“But, in the case of Sri Lanka, there has been no consideration whatsoever to impose economic or political sanctions, embargos or a travel ban,” diplomatic sources said.

According to reliable information, the bankrupt Opposition parties have tried their level best to mislead the international community through deception and propaganda campaigns to impose travel bans on the President, Prime Minister and the Ministers and create hardships for the people as a result of the imposition of economic sanctions.But, these bankrupt Opposition gimmicks to bring the country and the people into disrepute have failed miserably,” sources said.

If either the Opposition or any other party requests foreign countries or the diplomatic community to impose economic sanctions on our country, it is a disgrace to one’s Motherland says, Ven. Dr. Malwane Chandrarathna Thera, the Dean of the Sinhala Faculty of the Kelaniya University.

“If anybody has made such a request, that request itself manifests one’s own hatred and what the international community should do is to extend help to that country to rise up and move forward,”, the Thera said.

We do not think that the International community will interfere into our internal affairs which is a domestic issue. The Government intends to move the country forward, the Dean of the Sinhala Faculty of the Kelaniya University Ven. Dr. Malwane Chandrarathna Thera said.

The Ven.Thera commenting on the move by the Oppositoin to bring the country into disrepute by spreading falsehoods that the international community was planning to impose economic sanctions on Sri Lanka.

“We are conscious that certain interested parties are speading falsehoods to say that the country is in a crisis right now. But, the fact is that friendly countries would not do anything that would be detrimental to the well-being of our country”, the Thera said. Ven. Dr. Malwane Chandrarathana Thera said that economic sanctions are imposed on countries if those countries are found to have committed grave crimes within their own boundaries and what has happend here is purely conflicting efforts of different political parties. When the State is trying to create a peaceful atmosphere, what the international community should do is to extend its fullest support to this endeavour. Pavidi Handa Organisation Convenor Ven. Muruttetuwe Ananda Thera said the UNP was spreading canards to both the local and the international community using the social media.

He said that the UNP was spreading canards such as possible international sanctions on Sri Lanka in order to mislead both the local and international community. The Thera criticised the conduct of the Speaker and added that his action had contributed to aggravating the political impasse.

He also noted that a General Election was the best option to resolve the present political imbroglio.

“Let the people decide who their representatives should be,” he added.

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