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Agriculture Ministry promotes Prickly Custard Apple

Sri Lanka’s first-ever cultivation zone of Prickly Custard Apple (Annona muricata) will be initiated in the Gampaha District tomorrow (21), on the instruction of Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera.

Through this programme, it is expected to promote cultivation of this fruit and deliver 200,000 saplings among farmers this year.

“The Prickly Custard Apple is a healthy fruit which is capable of curing illnesses such as cancer. Therefore, farmers will be able to earn a decent income from this cultivation,” Agriculture Ministry sources said.

Although it is less popular in Sri Lanka, the Prickly Custard Apple has a high demand in the international market and the local tourism industry. Annona muricata is also very popular for its ability to destroy cancer cells.

The Prickly Custard Apple also can control the LDL cholesterol level in the human body and thereby increase the HDL cholesterol level.

It has an ability to balance the heartbeat and blood pressure in the human body also. This fruit contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and fibre.

Considering these facts, the Agriculture Minister instructed officials to take further steps to promote this fruit and also cultivate it as an economic crop. 


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