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Lighting up the darkness

Mario Ananda, Music Director Vocalist and Western lyricist is a warrior and music is his weapon. He is an agent for peace. He is a god fearing man of immense talent when it comes to music. Melodies features Ananda who looks at the bigger picture when it comes to life. He does not live for himself. He lives for others.

Ananda believes in the powers of light and darkness. He says that thanks goes to God for the music he makes. But that sadly the current situation in the world of music is that the songs praise the darkness. Life is spiritual quest for Ananda, and at the same time a spiritual battle. He is of the light and always seeks to dispel the darkness that is closest to our hearts.

“When you listen to a new piece of music it always resonates depression, anger and sexual frustrations which blind our minds. My philosophy is that music is a battle field of good and bad. New music needs to create a balance in the world. It should open minds and heal the body, mind and spirit and awaken the youth to stand up for what is right,” said Ananda

You could say that Ananda’s journey began with Miss Sri Lanka in Europe. But it really began when he was a stripling, learning the joy of music that he would one day make.

“I used to write western songs since I was 14 years old. Recently I wrote a tribute song for one of my best friends, Hirushi Jayasena who became a 1st runner up. The name of the song is ‘Queen without a crown’ it became famous via social media. The founders of Miss Sri Lanka in Europe heard this song and gave me the opportunity to direct music for the entire event which was held at the Galle Face hotel. And the theme song ‘Behold she has a beautiful heart’ was released on August 10th, where the 18 year old German Girl Linda Rose won the title. The song was highly appreciated by the audience during the event. Later as per the request of the organizers, I wrote the German version of the theme song ‘Rose sie hat en shonnes hartz’ which was a surprise for my friend Linda Rose and her entire Family. I’m glad that this event made way for my western songs to reach the international audience,” explained Ananda.

After the Miss Sri Lanka in Europe event, the Director of Sri Lanka and United Nation Friendship Organization, Dr. Deshapriya Wijethunga, invited Ananda to write the first ever Sustainable Development Goal song. It was an opportunity to be affiliated with the United Nations and to share his talent in addressing the world with meaningful music. He was also recently awarded by SUNFO for writing, directing and singing a song together with 12 year old Bridgetian Anishka Suwendri Perera

“Music is everywhere. Even scientists have come up with a theory called ‘string theory’, that at the subatomic level, particles behave like strings. Vibrations are everywhere. The music which I write doesn’t belong to me. I believe in God firmly. I believe that I’m just a person who discovers melodies/words which I write, they are whispered in to my ears in matter of minutes,” points out Ananda.

Ananda pointed out that Bob Marley and Micheal Jackson were black people but they were the pioneers in the musical field to wake up people with their songs. He admires Bryan Adams for his compositions that are so unique, saying that Adams is also quite down to earth compared to other singers. Like them Ananda too would write songs sending out powerful messages to society. He points out that to the best of his knowledge, he is the only artiste in Sri Lanka who has produced the highest number of Western Originals by far, that’s approximately above 100 western singles. The great Chitral Sompala saw the talent in him and sensed that he was strong in music.

“I’ve travelled to almost every country in Europe and Ireland is the best out of it. Plus my Great Grand Mother is Irish. I think that’s why I love Irish music. I did three songs back in Ireland – ‘Rain drops’, ‘You are my hero’ and ‘Star has chosen you’ which I sang with Chloe Dore a 15 year old Irish girl. I was invited to write an Anti-Abortion Song to be used in the recent campaign against abortion. ’License for killing’, was the name of the song. The music was directed, written and sung by me. I think this was the life changing song which I wrote. From there onwards I started to write songs which addressed current issues in the world. My recent hit was – ‘I can make you feel’, which is a rock song done very recently. And I did a Jazz song called ‘I wanna make love to you tonight, stated Ananda.

He says he does not stick to one sector, but always tries to find new styles of music to fit different audiences. Music can change lives. Music is a weapon to spread Peace and Love

Ananda is not into doing cover versions. Because that is not him. He believes we are all creators in a way and we lose that unique quality within us when we try to turn ourselves into copies of other people.

“As a policy I do not come up with cover versions. I never did and never will. Thanks to God I’m gifted with the talent to be a creator. The point I want to convey to the young generation is that we are creators. Why do we need to do cover versions of another person when we are born to be unique? You are you and the unfortunate thing is that by doing these cover versions you do what others do and you end up being a copy of another character. If you can be yourself then you will be unstoppable,” advises Ananda.

He explains that humility is the key to holding the world in your heart. If you have the heart of a child you can enter the kingdom of heaven. This is not a lie. Ananda laments that he sees the youth struggling and wasting their time worrying about their future. They lose the quality of life in a matter of months. We are called to do what we are supposed to do according to the power and strength we are given. Life isn’t a race but a blessing to heal lives and leave a legacy.

“Do music to make yourself happy before you try to make an audience happy. Because if you do not enjoy your performance and your singing on stage people will not feel it. An audience dancing to your song like crazy doesn’t mean you sang nicely or you did a spectacular performance. You need to be the artiste who would make the audience stop dancing and stay frozen looking at you from the beginning to the end of the show not missing a single move you do on stage. That’s called showmanship. Remember you are a performer and people come to see you. You are not a DJ,” added Ananda.

Ananda is thankful to his creator for all the good times. Thankful to god for selecting him for this Rollercoaster ride called Life. He simply cannot imagine another life. In his words he cannot imagine himself crawling in the desert of Ithiopia or in the war zones of Syria.

His life is his message -We are called to help those who don’t have a life as good as ours.

He wants to thank his father Gration Ananda who paved the way for his music career and inspired him from the day he was born. His mother who did so much for him, sacrificing her life to protect him and his sister. And his sister who still makes sacrifices for him. She is a strength to him and his career. Without his sister life would have been very different.

But his biggest inspiration and rock is Jesus Christ. Ananda points he is not perfect and a sinner.

“Jesus is my inspiration. I’m not trying to be good or holy. Trust me, I’m the worst sinner in this world for I know about myself and what I have done. Jesus said one thing - Follow me. This is highly misunderstood by Catholics or Christ followers. The meaning of following is - to do what I do. Which means do miracles as I did and love as I did. Sacrifice your life for others as I did. True peace and happiness comes from what Jesus did, the way he did. He said – ‘I’m the way, the truth and the life’. His wave was so strong its ripples are still changing lives after 2000 years. We are given more to give our lives for those who have nothing. The big picture is not about you nor me. It is about us. I hope my music awakens human minds. That’s my only wish,” summed up Ananda. 

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