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‘Sarath Aiya’ bids adieu

Covering the Courts is one of the most challenging and fascinating beats at any news paper, one rich with human drama. The stakes too can be enormously high when the defendant’s freedom – dignity or even his life - are at issue. Sarath Malalasekera, was in charge of this most challenging, fascinating and highly responsible task for the Daily News for nearly 40 years. This highly respected and much loved Journalist who was fondly called ‘Sarath Aiya’ by many, is no more. He passed away last Friday at the age of 81. His funeral took place last evening. Sarath Aiya “we bid you adieu”.

The funeral of former Senior Daily News and Sunday Observer journalist Sarath Malalasekera was held
at the Borella Kanatte in the presence of fellow mediamen, friends and former Lake House colleagues yesterday.
Picture by Saman Sri Wedage.


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