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NCCSL wants all parties to act with restraint

he October ordeal which plunged our country into a political crisis has now with the intervention of the Supreme Court brought about a glimmer of hope and light, creating necessary breathing space in the given time for the Legislature (Parliament) and the Executive, elected by the peoples franchise to resolve the deadlock and address the issues of the nation

The National Christian Council of Sri Lanka (NCCSL) whilst acknowledging that our country is facing a crucial test in her history welcomes the move of the Judiciary for collective responsibility on the part of the Legislature. We call upon all political parties represented in Parliament to put aside their political and ideological differences, refrain from personal agendas and work together for the welfare of all people whom they represent.

Act with transparency and foresight to gain the confidence and acceptance of the people, rejecting undemocratic procedures, abuse of power, and manipulations of bribery, corruption and intimidation.

Be mindful of the prevailing political instability which could lead to severe economic crisis resulting in an erosion of investor confidence, business environment and its telling effect on the day to day lives of the people.

Adopt a approach towards a ‘reconciliatory government’ represented by all parties in the parliament to genuinely address the grave issues of cost of living, debt service, development, ethnic and religious cooperation and harmony till the end of the term of parliament and ensure that subsequent elections are called in time.

We also call upon all religious leadership to step in at this crucial time to assert their role as spiritual guides, giving rightful direction to both their flock and the political leadership, mindful of their respective hallowed teachings with sincerity and truth.

We request the media to act with restrain and responsibility without seeking business or political gain or advantage and for civil society to boldly stand for justice.

We also call upon the public to maintain a moderate behavior at this crucial time respecting the law and order of the country without falling into any kind of inducement or favour.

As a religious entity, The National Christian council of Sri Lanka (NCCSL) is genuinely concerned at the present turn of events, assures the nation of its prayers and fullest support for the maintenance of law, order and sanity in the affairs of the people and stands fully committed towards this goal at all times.


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