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Tolerance Vs intolerance

Rohingya refugees.
Rohingya refugees.

The International Day for Tolerance falls on November 16. UNESSCO Director General Audrey Azouloy says, “Tolerance is an act of humanity and we must nurture and enact each in own lives every day, to rejoice in the diversity that makes us strong and the values that bring us together”.

The UN with its resolution 51/95 asked its member States to observe the International Day for Tolerance on November 16 and observed 1995 as the Year for Tolerance as the UN General Assembly proclaimed in 1993 under the request of UNESCO. The latter submitted the ‘Declaration of Principles on Tolerance and a plan of action’ for the year.

In 1995 the UN introduced the UNESCO-Madanjeet Sing Prize to promote tolerance and demote violence. It awards the price biennially on November 16 to those scientists, artistes, and activists whose activities promote tolerance. This year it will be awarded to a businessperson and filmmaker Manon Barbeau, a Canadian and the ‘Coexist’, a Kenyan non-profit organisation that work to end violence against women.

Consequently, a new scheme of the UN was launched called TOGETHER to make people understand the importance of being tolerance. It demotes countries’ attitudes towards migrants and refugees and promotes good contacts of host countries towards them. In 2018, the UN along with YouTube launched ‘Creators For Change,” a video campaign to promote tolerance among its members and every other country towards difference activities and ideas.

The world has gone to pieces now owing to its people’s intolerance. They increasingly distrust others and find faults in their ideas, beliefs and actions. Therefore, they are constantly impatient and stressful. They think that their decisions, beliefs and every thought and activity are reasonable and that others are always attempting to disregard and defeat theirs.

Intolerance, therefore, impedes progress. Since its manifestations are negative, people suffering from it undoubtedly are selfish. They cannot accept that other people need freedom and that they have right to follow their religions, customs, and beliefs. Because of this, destructions and genocides are reported daily from every part of the world.

Developed nations

Meanwhile, science in its evaluation has answered many issues that feed intolerance. It still does. Unfortunately, its incapability to dispel inherited traits of the mankind is beyond doubt now, with the high number of dismal events being reported worldwide. The developed nations, too, alienate from scientifically proved facts thereby dragging the humankind into their extinction fast.

Last month, USA President Donald Trump stated that his country would separate from the Paris Climate Change Agreement that holds signatures of 196 countries. They including America agreed on April 22, 2016 in New York that they will take steps to curtail activities that drag the world into its doomsday.

Scientists worldwide in their hundreds, however, have proved that global temperature is alarmingly increasing and revealed that the USA including a few other countries is a main contributor to the global warming. But USA President Donald Trump in October, 2018 said that they would separate from the agreement since its agents carry out a political agenda behind their effort against the US.

Blinded by the selfish agendas, powerful nations find faults with agreements signed for the benefit of the humankind. They consider only their benefits and condemn scientifically proven facts and do not tolerate others even for the sake of the entire world.

Moreover, religious intolerance too has created mayhem. The Western world exterminated nations in other beliefs and continues to do so even today. Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Palestine and many others in the Arab world underwent massive destruction since some other countries do not tolerate their belief. They in turn do not tolerate other beliefs and wield war or terrorism against them.

People go against their own even when they cannot endure their ideas, beliefs and concept or activities. Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani girl, was shot at on November 9, 2012 when she was travelling in a bus along with two other girls. She was unconscious a long duration and transferred to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in England where her condition improved and turned over a new leaf of life. Today she is a popular and ardent activist against violence against women and supporter of their well-being.

Maltese journalist, Daphne Caruana Galizia died in a bomb explosion near her house on October 16. Allegedly, several companies in Panama had carried out her assassination. She was 53 when she was killed. Her blog ‘Running Commentary’ commenced in 2008 was highly popular. She criticized politicians, government officials and other high rankers mercilessly for justice. Those who cannot tolerate her views assassinated her brutally near her own house by setting a car bomb.

On September 6, 2017, gunmen on motorcycles killed Indian journalist Gauri Lankesh outside her house. Allegedly, Hindu nationalists were behind the assassination. She wrote about fearlessly against extremists and supportive of the down trodden which led to her murder. People in many States in India protested in their thousands against the murders but the assassinators were not found to date.

Violence in Syria

According to UN reporters, Myanmar military killed over 29,000 Rohingyan and over 700,000 Rohingyan fled the country. The Myanmar majority ethnic group unleashed violence against the Rohingyans in the Rakhane State in Mynmar in August 2017. The crisis intensified overnight and thousands of Rohingyans fled the country to Bangladesh seeking refugee.

According to the Syrian Journalists’ Association, over 150 journalists died in violence in Syria throughout its civil war because terrorists and the Syrian government could not tolerate different ideas and activities. This year, over 47 journalists were killed in foreign countries and in their own countries because they struggled against extremists.

How to be tolerant has to be taught from the childhood. Children prefer learning each other’s likes and dislikes. However, the adults do not allow them to mix and learn from each others. They restrict the childhood and cut short its learning of the ways how to endure others’. The result is chaos and mayhem.


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