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I told you so - President

The facts mentioned in the special statement by President Maithripala Sirisena on November 11 became a reality at 10.00 am on November 15.

“I paid serious attention to this development. Members of Parliament from both sides issued various statements in the media, that there would be a big clash when Parliament is convened on November 14. Some speculated that even members could face death”, the President said in his special statement on 11th.

It appeared to me that, if I allowed Parliament to be convened on the 14th, without dissolving it, it could have brought about commotion and clashes, in every city and every village.

This would lead to a very unpleasant and difficult situation for the average citizens of my beloved country,” the President said in his statement.

“As such, the best solution was not to allow those 225 members in Parliament to fight each other and allow that to develop into street fights in every part of the country. It is my duty and the responsibility to allow democracy to guide us, and create a situation for the 15 million voters in this country take the ultimate decision by choosing their members to the Parliament through a free and fair election. As such, given the corrupt practices among Parliamentarians as well as the conduct of the Speaker, the best and fair solution to the political crisis that emerged was to allow the people decide in keeping with the principle of democracy. It was with that noble intention of upholding democracy that I dissolved Parliament. I must state that a permanent and a clear solution to the current situation can be reached through a General Election,” the President said.




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