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Bravo Prime Minister!

The Parliament finds itself in a mess of its own making. The August assembly is now headed by a prejudiced parliamentarian in the capacity of Speaker with the Opposition headed on a suicidal-mood collision course. The hidden agendum of the Opposition came to light on Thursday close on the heels of Prime Minister’s special statement.

The first signs of the conflict arose when the UNP parliamentarian Lakshman Kiriella raised an objective against the Premier’s speech. In doing so, the parliamentarian directly affronted the people’s sovereignty on the very grounds the same shall be put into exercise. In layman’s terms, Kiriella stood for the Opposition’s election phobia. The conflict reached escalation, when Speaker called for a vote which is not only random, but unnecessary as well. Be it as it may, this brief essay is written in awe of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa’s revolutionary speech made on Thursday. Everyone must have had a sentimental moment when they watched the Premier leave the Chamber on Wednesday. Crocodile tears or otherwise, it was a national moment for mourning. But all that evaporated into thin air, as the Premier made a comeback better equipped this time. The August assembly reached its cutting edge when the Premier began making his special statement.

Speaker made things easier for the Premier to go for a witty, yet remarkable, opening. Speaker chose to address the Prime Minister simply by name albeit with the ‘honourable’ prefix in his own wisdom. The nation, however, is well aware that Rajapaksa does not need any presidential or premiership stakes to glow. In fact his presence adds much glamour to the respective position.

The Thursday speech leaves enough room for content analysis on the part of political science students.

Prime Minister Rajapaksa’s speech brimmed with wit. His decade-long political experience had provided him with ample ammunition to rise as a knight in shining armour above the hecklers cum errant knights.


Sithendra Senaratne


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