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JVP to present 20A in Parliament again

JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake said that his party would present the 20th Amendment to abolish the Executive Presidency, to Parliament again.

Speaking at a press conference at the Parliamentary Complex yesterday soon after the adjournment of the House, the MP said the events that took place in the country in the last few days amply illustrated that too much power concentrated in the hands of one person was dangerous and detrimental to democracy.

The UPFA, UNF and JVP convened back-to-back press conferences in the committee rooms in Parliament following the tensed sitting of Parliament yesterday. The JVP Leader, speaking to the media, called on President Maithripala Sirisena to take appropriate action as per the Constitution, adding that the Maithri–Mahinda conspiracy has been defeated.

“What we experienced in the past two weeks can be considered as one of the greatest lessons about the Sri Lankan political arena ever.”

“We have to learn some lessons practically, not by reading books and this is it. Now we know what can happen when governing powers of fundamental importance become centred on a single person.”

“I think this is the most suitable time for moving the 20th Amendment to the Constitution again and we will do it soon,” the MP said.

Dissanayake further said the JVP does not hold the view that President Sirisena should be impeached at this moment. “He still can act according to the Constitution and bring the current political turmoil to an end. We hope he would look back and realise what he did to the stability of the country.”

“Therefore, at this moment we do not think that he should be impeached, although there is an opportunity to move an impeachment against him for bluntly violating the Constitution,” he said.

He said that President Sirisena now has a duty to appoint a new Prime Minister and a Cabinet.

“Today (14), the majority of members of Parliament decided that they do not have confidence in Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and the newly appointed Cabinet. It means there is no government in the country right now.”

“The President should make arrangements to appoint a PM and a Cabinet according to the Constitution now,” Dissanayake said.

He also stressed that yesterday’s business of Parliament was legal and correct, adding that due process was followed in passing the no-confidence motion by suspending the Standing Orders of Parliament.

He pointed out that the UPFA did not try to defeat the motion to suspend the Standing Orders and also the NCM because they knew they lack the majority.

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