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Speaker criticised for breakneck NCM voice vote

Intellectuals, political analysts, former Speakers and deputy Speakers, senior politicians and civil society organizations and clergy yesterday, expressed their concern and questioned the ingenuity and proficiency of Speaker Karu Jayasuriya for taking and passing something as important as a motion of no confidence against a Prime Minister and a Cabinet of an incumbent government in posthaste.

“He carried out all this at a breakneck speed causing unprecedented chaos in the country,” they said, He was in a super hurry to pass this no-confidence motion which actually concerns a whole generation of people.”

Civilians said they were surprised at the voice vote that was taken inside the House regarding the motion.

Former parliamentarian, minister and political analyst Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha said, “Taking a voice vote over something as important as a motion of No-Confidence against a government is highly inappropriate and unacceptable,” he told the Daily News yesterday.

Asked about the instance of taking a vote for suspension of Standing Orders following a motion moved by TNA MP Sumanthiran, Prof. Wijesinha said ,” I did not closely follow any of these. But it must be mentioned taking a voice vote on a no confidence motion against a government and passing the same on mere audible and visual observation, is simply out of order.”



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