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‘Citizens should vote for patriotic group’

Citizens have a responsibility at the next general election to grant the power to a group of politicians who protects the children and the future generation of the country, retired Major General Kamal Gunaratne said.

He was addressing the media in Colombo yesterday.

He said that however, the previous government failed to establish the reconciliation in the country during their tenure to the expected level. Instead they hunt the war-heroes and took political vengeance.

He said that under the reconciliation banner, every step was not taken for the sake of the country, but to cater to the demand of the international community and a part of Tamil Diaspora.

Major General Gunaratne said the previous government arrested and punished the war heroes through the Prevention of Terrorism Act which he called the war-heroes hunting. They took steps to release the convicted terrorists in the custody saying that they are political prisoners. The things they did under the theme of ‘Reconciliation’ were very unsatisfactory, he said.

He said the previous government has already given the Hambantota Port to China and they were trying to justify that decision by giving several other important ports such as Galle, Trincomalee, Kankesanturai (KKS), and the Colombo Eastern Terminal to the India despite the security of the country.

The KKS port and the Palali airport were the lifeline of the security forces during the war. Therefore, the security of these two important centers in the Northern Province should be strengthened to face any emergency situation. The previous government had ordered the military forces to release the lands around the KKS port and the Palali airport to the owners without considering the security of them, he said..

National Coordinator of Muslim Affairs to Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa Shiraz Yoonus said that nowadays the messages which create the religious unrest in the Muslim community are circulated via the social media networks.

The Muslim community should be aware of them and should not panic. “They all are fake news and we condemned them,” he said.

He said that some political party members representing the Muslim community are now on a pilgrimage to Mecca. “They should not plan political conspiracies while being at that holy place,” Yoonus said.

He requested the Muslim community to cast their vote at the next election not for money, but for the country’s sake. He said Sri Lanka at present needs a stable government with a two thirds majority in Parliament to make the country stable, 


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