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Two Puttalam pre-schools merged

A pre-school child announcing.
A pre-school child announcing.

Two pre-schools in Puttalam were merged due to the lack of a permanent pre-school complex for the Puttalam Al-Haira pre-school.

The ceremony was held at the Puttalam Urban Council's model pre-school complex recently. It is situated at Puttalam Poles Road in the Marhoom Ashraf park premises. The merging took place under the guidance of Puttalam Urban Council Chairman K. A. Baiz. The model pre-school of the Urban Council and Al-Haira pre-school were thus merged. Twenty seven children of the Puttalam Al-Haira pre-school and 18 from Puttalam Model pre-school will take classes in the same premises. Teachers in charge of the two pre-schools will work together under the name ‘Model Pre-School’.

Baiz said the Puttalam Model pre-school should be well-equipped and as a model to other pre-schools in Puttalam.

Urban Councillors Farween Raja, A. M. Sihan, P. M. Rifras, administrative officer of the Puttalam Urban Council H. M. Safeek and others participated.


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