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Farmers warned of invasive Fall Armyworm

The North-western Province Agriculture Department warns farmers to be vigilant of the presence of the invasive Fall Armyworm which is the larval stage of the Fall Armyworm Moth (Spodoptera Frugiperda).

They warned farmers to contact the Agriculture Officers in the area for further instructions.

Northwestern Agriculture Director W. A. Seelaratne said the moth, known for its large-scale invasive behaviour during the larval stage, affects nearly 100 varieties of crop, especially maize.

It has migrated from Africa to India and from there to Sri Lanka.

It is reported that cultivation in Anuradhapura and Rajanganaya in the North Central Province and Thambutta and Gampola in North Western Province have been affected by the advent of the worm.

Seelaratne said sugarcane, green gram, fruits and other crops are food for the Fall Armyworm. He added that the moth can fly even 100 km easily and spreads across the country easily. It was reported from Africa in 2016 and from India in May this year.


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