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Alleged misappropriation of public property, vehicles:

Rajitha gives up official vehicles, but dissuades others

Convener of the Truth Seekers Movement and Attorney-at-Law Premnath C. Dolawatta yesterday lodged a complaint at Police Headquarters against ministers of the former regime for the alleged misuse of official vehicles and properties under their purview. So far, only former Minister of Health Dr. Rajitha Senaratne had given up his official vehicle conceding to the fact that he was no longer a minister.

According to Dolawatta, the complaint was lodged over the misuse of the government properties including the luxury vehicles which are still being used by many former ministers.

He emphasised that the misuse of government owned vehicles by the former Ministers were reported daily in print and electronic media outlets.

The Convener of the Truth Seekers Movement said that the continued use of such vehicles and occupying office held by these former ministers was a serious offense under Section 386 and 388 of the Penal code of Sri Lanka.

This is also a violation of the Public Properties Act. He advised that drivers those who were still working under former ministers should hand over the government vehicles to the relevant ministries.

It is learnt that the former Minister of the “Yahapalana” government Dr. Rajitha Senaratne had already handed over all the vehicles which was issued to him when he was in power.

The Convener of the Truth Seekers Association further said that by handing over these vehicles to the relevant ministry, former Minister Rajitha Senaratne is conceding to the fact that they are no longer in power. Yet Dolwatta said that the former Minister was dissuading other ministers from handing over their official vehicles or from giving up office at these government offices.

He added that by lodging this complaint, he expects that the former Ministers those who were allegedly involved in misappropriation of vehicles and public property, will be severely dealt with according to the law.




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