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TNA should be neutral

Tamil National People’s Front Leader Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam yesterday urged the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to be neutral without being partisan to either side for the sake of Tamil people in the North and the East.

He said the present developments taking place in the country is part of a geopolitical scenario and the TNA should not get into this tangle.

Ponnambalam was of the view that the TNA should not think of the benefits of the party hierarchy when a decision is taken with regard to the present situation in the country.

“The TNA should not focus on the retaining of the Opposition Leader post or security given to TNA Parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran at this stage. They should think of their community and their well being”, he said.

He added that the Tamil National Alliance made many pledges to the people in the North and East during the last Presidential and Parliamentary elections but the party failed to deliver them.

Ponnambalam added that the Tamil people in these provinces will not support the TNA at future elections as they failed to keep the promises given to the people.

“The people in these provinces were stranded at the hands of the TNA and the Tamil people should not be drawn into this muddle which is a result of geopolitical scenario,” he added.

He added that the TNA must be neutral at this juncture, if it actually wants to solve the burning issues of the Tamil people. “Being partisan to either side will not help the Tamil people but a few members of the TNA hierarchy.






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