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‘No decrease in number of European tourists to Sri Lanka’

European countries do not hold a negative view of Sri Lanka, said the Ambassador to France, Portugal, Spain and Monacco Buddhi Athauda.

The Sri Lankan Ambassador who has been conveying the message of the Sri Lankan Government to these countries, said these countries bore no ill will or negative impression of our country these days. He also pointed out that despite the political situation with President Sirisena appointing a new Prime Minister, there has been no decrease in the number of tourists coming to the island.

He added that they were also working on various programmes to encourage more visitors to the country and that many Europeans have already shown interest in their promotional campaigns.

The Ambassador also rejected claims that France was considering imposing economic or any other sanctions on Sri Lanka.

“No such decision has been made and such reports are completely false,” Athauda said.

Ambassador Athauda stressed that Sri Lanka and France were maintaining strong bilateral relations and France recently appointed a new Ambassador to Sri Lanka who assumed duties recently.

He stated that their main aim was to further increase bilateral trade between Sri Lanka and France, Spain, Portugal and other European countries and have already taken measures to do so.

“Europe is not thinking of imposing any economic sanctions on Sri Lanka”.

Further, the GSP tax concessions were granted to Sri Lanka by the European Union and any decision to revoke that decision would need to be made collectively by all European countries.

Thus far, none of these countries have discussed such a possibility, the Ambassador said.


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