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INSEE Cement commemorates World Children’s Day

INSEE Cement Sri Lanka CEO Nandana Ekanayake ceremoniously opening the new RO Water treatment plant.
INSEE Cement Sri Lanka CEO Nandana Ekanayake ceremoniously opening the new RO Water treatment plant.

INSEE Cement has always played an important role in grooming our children to become valuable, responsible citizens when they grow up.

To commemorate the World Children’s Day this year, Sri Lanka’s foremost producer of cement, paved the way to a brighter future for the children of Wanathawilluwa and Puttalam by conducting programs designed to inspire them to lead healthy lifestyles.

Speaking at the event Nandana Ekanayake, Chief Executive Officer of INSEE Cement Lanka said “We take pride in having enriched the lives of the communities in Puttalam and Aruakkalu for over three decades. We maintain the Sanstha Cement Preschool in Eluwankulam and provide transport facilities for children in remote villages to get to school every day. We also maintain Medical Centre facilities for the communities in the area to make their lives safer and many more. We have touched the lives of hundreds of villagers every month, going beyond the business to support our people-in-need. As a responsible Corporate citizen, we are committed to developing the local communities in where we operate with the promise to, building brighter futures”

In Wanathawilluwa, INSEE Cement partnered with the Divisional Secretariat and Samurdhi Development in the area to reach out to the children in an engaging way. 400 children in 8 schools benefitted from the program aptly titled ‘Hodama de Lamayanta’ (Best for kids).

The awareness program on prevention of drug abuse is held in response to requests from the Community Advisory Panel to educate 14 to 18-year-old children across the country on the danger of illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

The INSEE team participating in the event at the school included the Chief Executive Officer Nandana Ekanayake, Cement Industrial Performance Director Aridavid Lozano Estrada, Organisation and Human Resources Director Prasad Piyadigama and few more officials together with Assistant Director of Education at Zonal Education Office Puttalam Isuru Jayasundara, who were enthusiastically greeted by the school children with a song and dance performance. The School Principal Sarath Bandarasaid,

Chinthaka Thuduwewatta, Plant Manager said, “We are pleased to contribute to a much improved, healthier lifestyle for the children who now have clean drinking water which is an important necessity inthe area. And we can see how much this means to the school children and the teachers.”



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