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Professional skill - the blessings at the Cancer Hospital, Maharagama

Patients and loved ones experience the true meaning of Apeksha when they enter this place.

It happened to me. The name Cancer Hospital put me off at first. This was going by my visits to see patients long time ago. But on my most recent visit I was amazed at the change. The very appearance, cleanliness, the smiling faces of the staff and their readiness to help the helpless and above all the professional skill, which mixed with kind words and commitment boosted my morale. The impression I have had all these years became history as I walked in.

The individual files of the outdoor patients, the pharmacy, the rooms for injections are all so well organised that you need not waste time searching for records. The doctors are punctual for clinics. They encourage patients to get treatment there which is free of charge unless it is a major surgery which may involve an affordable sum.

The service includes the services of the minor staff as well. Cleaners start their work early in the morning and do all the rounds before they finish for the day. The food is substantial and has the necessary nutrients for the patients and is always served on time.

A big step in the achievements of Apeksha is the setting up of the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit. Bone marrow treatment was earlier limited only to those who could afford the treatment abroad which was a very disheartening factor to those who could not afford it. Others which belonged to the majority had to be satisfied with the short life span left for them without this treatment. The team of consultants who conducted the necessary research braved this challenging task amidst their day-to-day commitments and have done a wonderful job, giving new life to patients who would otherwise have to give up all hopes of life. You can see all details regarding this when you access the website You will be inspired when you read the details and be proud of our very own Sri Lankan doctors dedicating themselves to save lives.

The public admires and appreciates these immensely supportive endeavours. People from all walks of life most willingly donate highly expensive medicine such as drugs given for chemotherapy and other necessary injections. There are many voluntary groups that come there to prepare tea in large quantities and take them to serve each and every patient in the hospital.

Dulini Senaratna


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