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[CITIZENS' Mail - (06-12-2018)]

Blatant disregard for practicality

We the Sri Lankans are famous for overreacting to situations without proper thought analysis study and exploration. Statecraft is a job entrusted to elected representatives by the people who are sovereign and such representatives are expected to exercise the trust placed on them with due care and diligence.

When they fail they are discarded like rotten eggs as we have experienced since 1956 the way we changed governments periodically.

Some of the important decisions taken during the recent past and reversed after some time shows the blatant disregard and callousness on the part of our representatives in taking such decisions.

Increasing the price of a sweep ticket to rupees 30, banning of importation of asbestos and glyphosate, implementation of the death penalty are some of the decisions taken without proper study which has exposed the calibre of our politicians. The repercussions and damage to the image of the country cannot be estimated.

The way we reacted to the Pidurangala incident is the latest.

We might have to erase the world famous frescoes or stop schoolchildren from visiting Sigiriya.

We should not be surprised if it is suggested that we take King Kashyapa to courts posthumously and try him for painting half naked women on the walls of the rock fortress.

A. G. Weerasinghe 


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