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Alleged assault at Temple Trees

Prime Minister’s Office complains to IGP

The Prime Minister’s Secretary S.Amarasekara stated that a complaint has been lodged with the Inspector General of Police against several persons who were allegedly threatened and assaulted state officers who had entered Temple Trees yesterday.

Amarasekara said that they have made a complaint regarding the incident to the Defence Ministry Secretary as well.

According to Amarasekara, these state officers who had served at Temple Trees have been transferred elsewhere and had arrived at Temple Trees premises to hand over their equipment when some persons stationed at the premises had allegedly threatened and assaulted them.

“At present, Temple Trees is neither under the Prime Minister nor the government. For the last two days, officials who have worked at Temple Trees have been handing over their equipment and it was the same case today. When these officers had come to hand over their equipment, some outsiders who are stationed within the premises had attacked these officials. This is a serious offense. We need to get this issue solved in a peaceful and civil manner. It is wrong not to allow these officers to carry out their duties. It is wrong for outsiders to remain within the Temple Trees premises too. There are assets in this premises which run into millions of rupees. The subject officers are responsible for all these assets,” Amarasekara pointed out.


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