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Ravi complains of drone operating over his house

UNP MP Ravi Karunanayake complained in Parliament yesterday that a drone was unlawfully hovering over his house.

He asked Speaker Karu Jayasuriya as to whether permission had been given to operate a drone camera in the High Security Zone near the Parliament complex where his house is located.

The Speaker replied that he had not given such permission and said that he would direct the Police to investigate the matter. MP Karunanayake said that the individual who operated the drone camera identified himself as a media person.

“His equipment and recordings are now with me.

I suspect this is another move to assassinate my character. This individual gives various false excuses and I urge the Speaker to probe into this matter and reveal who is behind this act,” said Karunanayake also expressing his lack of confidence on the Police investigations into it.

MP Karunanayake also complained of being selectively targetted during the Bond issue.“The debate on the Bond Commission report was suspended heaping the blame on one or two individuals, while many others should have been named. The Speaker replied that it was the Attorney General’s advice not to table the sections which may have an impact on the on-going legal proceedings. However, he promised to take up this matter at a Party Leaders’ Meeting yesterday.

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